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Measuring Instruments-Precision Gas Detectors Metal Detectors Scientific Apparatus & Instruments Microscope.

Obsnap Instruments Sdn Bhd was established in July 1997 as a company involved in retailing and wholesaling of test and measuring instruments. The company imports test and measuring instruments to meet the local manufacturing industries demands.

The name "Obsnap" was inspired by a function in Autocad called "osnap", which is a combination of the words "object" and "snap". This function, served as an inspiration for the birth of the company's name because it is an effective tool in pin pointing and selecting the desired items which is an exact reflection of Obsnap's aspiration in assisting their customers in sourcing the instruments that they are looking for.

Initially, Obsnap spread its wings in the business world with an ambition to become one of the major instrument supplying hub in Malaysia. To realize this dream, Obsnap started off by selling some small portable instruments which were meant for quality control and inspection requirement.

The first industry that Obsnap stepped into was in the coating and painting related industry before expanding its business to include several other industries such as the plastic, automobile, food and electronic industry. The expansion also began showing in their products as Obsnap began to sell bigger and more sophisticated equipments such as instrument for material testing as well as x-ray related equipments. Obsnap's current customer base is more than 3000 customers including manufacturers, contractors, government bodies and universities.

Through outstanding personalized professional service we propagate the benefits of measuring and provide instruments to everybody in scientific and technical community around the world.



·         Having a large group of renowned principals who are pioneers in their own fields, heavy investors of research and development as well as holders of patented designs which are unique and useful for the industry.

·         Our extensive number of customers, who come from various fields and backgrounds including manufacturers, contractors, government bodies and universities, are looked upon as one of our company's strengths because they are loyal customers who provide Obsnap with good reference for being a reliable and trustable company.

·         Obsnap's staff, who are trained professionals with degree qualification in the fields of Electronic Engineering, Material Engineering, Electronic and Instrumentation, Computer Science and Mecatronics, are also the strength of the company because they aid in the progress and success of the company.

·         Many of them have been with Obsnap for more than 5 years and they are familiar with the business process as well as the instruments supplied which enables them to response to enquiries and tackle the projects promptly.

·         Obsnap's strength is also in its excellent relationship with its customers. This could be especially seen in its pre and post purchase care that the company provides for its customers.

·         Being professional and providing outstanding customer care in all areas is part of Obsnap's culture. We stress on service including pre-sales service and free consultation for customers, after which we try to come up with long term solutions to solve their problems.

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